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Return on investment Internet Marketing

Return on investment Internet Marketing When you use AdWords to increase conversions such as sales, leads, and downloads, it’s a good idea to measure your return on investment (ROI). Knowing your ROI, you’ll be sure that the money you’re spending on AdWords advertising is going to a good cause: healthy profits for your business! What’s […]


Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Paid Links – Finally!

Don’t even act like you haven’t thought about it. I’ll go ahead and put this out there: I have. Thought about it, I mean. Yup, we’re talking about paid links. Many a webmaster’s dirty little income secret. Paid links are also the tried-and-true shortcut for online advertisers with deep pockets who are looking to rank […]


Is Bing Right About People Getting “Scroogled” By Google?

This week, Bing launched an attack campaign against Google, called “Don’t Get Scroogled“. It’s a dig at Google Shopping, the product of Google’s recent transition from the free-to-list product search offering to a paid inclusion, ad-based Google Shopping model. Bing insists “Scroogled” is about Scrooge, rather than implying that people are getting “screwed by Google,” […]


In Case You Were Wondering, Quoting Isn’t Duplicate Content

“Google’s Matt Cutts has put out his latest Webmaster Help video. This time he takes on a pretty classic topic – duplicate content. There’s not much here that any industry veterans will find to be of particular interest, but he is answering a user-submitted question, so clearly there are people out there unsure of Google’s […]


Bing Beats Google, If You Want to Kill Yourself

UPDATE: I’ve received the following statement from Bing: “In some cases we do prioritize the hotline and we’re reviewing the guidelines for instant answers related to this type of query,” says Stefan Weitz, Senior Director, Bing. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Earlier this month, Bing launched their “Bing It On” challenge – a blind comparison test designed to […]